Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Amazing 'die hard' marathon finish video

This YouTube video of Kayoko Fukushi finishing the Osaka Ladies Marathon on Sunday shows what can happen if you start too ambitiously. She led the race until 34.6 km when her wheels came off totally. Britain's Mara Yamauchi passed her and went on to win with 2:25:10.

Kayoko Fukushi is the greatest women's track runner in the Japanese track history and the Asian record holder at the half marathon (1:07). The only problem here was that this was her marathon debut. I'm sure she will try another marathon in the future and win it too because she has what it takes. 

She eventually finished 19th with 2:40:54, which is not bad for a first marathon.  After all that's still 15 minutes faster than my personal best. What a gutsy performance!   

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