Sunday, January 13, 2008

A key workout in Central Park

I performed the last of my three key workouts (the other two were short hill sprints and an ultra endurance run) of the week in the Central Park area of Helsinki. I like to run there frequently but today some parts of the paths were covered with slippery ice which forced me to slow down. That was quite ok as this was supposed to be a fartlek type of exercise. 

The total distance was 17.9 km with an average pace of 6:09/km (max speed 4:22/km). My average heart rate was 145 (max 165) and the TE (Training Effect) calculated by my Suunto T3 was 4.0 (the maximum you can get is 5.0). 

The totals for the week 2/2008: 100.2 km, 11 hours and 31 minutes (this time does not include any of my daily strength, resistance and mobility exercises at home and gym). This was the third week of my Base Phase training.  

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