Thursday, January 24, 2008

Serious questions about running

Scott, who is running a marathon every week for 2008, posed a great question when he learned that his brother has decided to run a marathon every month for a year: Is craziness learned or does it run in the family?

Here's some more serious questions that I've thought about while running:
  • If you take your wrist top computer for a long run, could you seriously jog its memory?
  • If you're running on empty, could your brain be given out free of charge?
  • If your timer got hungry, would it go back 4 seconds?
  • If you ran against a "BEWARE WET CEMENT" sign, would you become a hardened criminal?
  • If you eat boiled eggs before a race, does it make you hard to beat?
Ok, that's enough, I better get out for a run. See ya! 

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