Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 3 ultra run report

Last night I finished my ultra run of week 3/2008. It went well and the weather was fantastic considering the time of the year. In the early evening it was +6 C and it dropped down to +3 C later on. I ran 43.68 km (26.72 miles) in exactly 5 hours.
Yes the pace was slow (average only 6:52/km) and only slightly longer than a marathon, but that's the way I've planned my program. I will run faster and longer when the spring arrives.

What's great about ultrarunning is that you can explore new routes every week. Although I do get lost occasionally, it doesn't really matter as I'll always now my whereabouts roughly and will eventually find my way home one way or another (I'm not using any GPS device).

The most exciting and memorable part of yesterday's effort was when I found myself navigating a walking path in total darkness (I didn't carry any light on me), all alone, watching the crescent moon and stars on the sea and listening to the sound of the nearby waves. 

Normally in January the ground and sea would be totally covered with ice and snow, but that's not the case now. All the snow we had last week is gone due to the unusually high temperature and rain.

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