Saturday, February 9, 2008

A new course record at Arrowhead 135

On Monday, a few brave individuals wanted to find out once again: 'Who is tougher than the Arrowhead?'
Surprisingly many were able to finish (27 out of over 50 starters). John Storkamp set a new course record 40h 30min in the foot category. 

Arrowhead Winter Ultra is a 135 mile (217 km) race on foot, bike or skis across the Arrowhead region of Northern Minnesota. There is only one check point serving water and hot soup at a cabin about the midway point. Otherwise racers are self-supported with a cutoff time of 60 hours. 

The temperatures sunk as low as -22 degrees F (-30 C) at night and hit a balmy +35 F (+2 C) during the day. Contrary to previous years there was no moon, only stars.  A few people heard wolves howling in the darkness and noticed paw prints on the trail.

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