Sunday, February 24, 2008

SwissAlpine 2008 online registration now open

SwissAlpine Davos 2008 online registration is now open. As always, the events (there are various race distances and routes available) will be on the last Saturday of July, so this year it will be on July 26th.
You can register anytime you want before that date. There is no limit for the number of runners. However, it pays to register in advance, because they will mail free train tickets to you. The tickets are convenient as you can simply take the next train to Davos from the airport.
You will also get a free local train/bus/mountain pass for the race week, which is great for exploring the sights around Davos.  
It's not a secret that this is my favourite ultra race. I ran it the first time in 1995, when it was only 67 km. Last year I went to check the new 78.5 km (48.8 miles) route, which is superb. I feel the panoramatrail adds sufficient challenge and excitement.
Last summer we got a rain shower up there, and I fell down on a slippery downhill about 16 km before the finish. After medical checkup I was able to continue and finish the race in under 10 hours, about an hour slower that I had aimed for. The time limit is 12 hours for the ultramarathon.

To download my Google Earth Tour of the SwissAlpine 78,5 km route, go here. Then click "view in Google Earth" and the small KLM-file will download. Then double click that file and it will open in Google Earth. Select 'Play Tour' from the Tools menu for the Tour to start. It fives you a 'helicopter' view of the course, showing you all the aidstations, their distance from the start, and height from sea level.    

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