Monday, March 3, 2008

10 down, only 42 to go!

Today I ran already my tenth weekly ultramarathon of 2008. It was 43.9 km (27.3 miles) in 5:04. 

The ground was completely covered with newly fallen snow, and it was snowing almost all the time while I was running. There were lots of people x-country skiing and even snowboarding.

Just when it looked like spring has arrived, we got this surprise - late winter. The weather sure can be unpredictable these days. It's not too cold, so running was not a problem today. Actually I liked running on soft snow for a change. 

What's more I found a new cool trail in the forest - new for me that is.  I've been running in this area for 20 years, so it's incredible that I've missed it before. It featured a nice steep hill to break the monotony. 

Here in Finland, the ongoing winter has been the warmest ever measured since the beginning of regularly recorded readings over 100 years ago. The second warmest was in 1924-5. Warm winters are generally great for running, so I'm not complaining.

10 ultramarathons done, only 42 to go! 

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