Friday, March 7, 2008

Libyan Challenge 190K finished today

Libyan Challenge is a 190 km (118 miles) footrace in Sahara. Each competitor must carry their own kit and food. They can stop as often as they like, but the clock is ticking continuously and the time limit is 75 hours. There are nine checkpoints with water available about every 20 km. 

The usual suspects won again, I guess it's hard to beat experience. Sebastien Chaigneau (France) won in 31 hours 55 minutes (his last year's winning time was 29:51). 

The best female was Sharon Gayter (UK) in 36:10 (last year she arrived in 36:46, overall position 5th). At the last checkpoint she was second overall in the race, but then she fell into the fourth position due to navigation problems. All runners are required to use a GPS, but in difficult conditions they may occasionally fail to maintain their satellite connections. Anyway she should be happy for improving her time and overall position. 

Among the brave competitors there were also a running couple from Finland: Jukka Viljanen and Kirsi Montonen. They wrote in their blog (only in Finnish) that they are extremely tired after this demanding adventure, which they completed in about 70 hours. Well done guys, congrats! 

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