Monday, March 17, 2008

My 40-mile runabout

Dean Karnazes recommended recently an endurance workout he calls runabout in his blog. The way he defines it, a runabout consists of running (or walking, if you have to) six to eight hours in a day. Actual miles do not matter: this is not a competion by any means. What matters is that you keep on moving forward in whatever direction you feel like going, and try to have some fun.

I logged 64.5 km (40.1 miles) in 7 hours and 43 minutes today. The running time does not include any of the breaks I had. 

I started around 6:30 AM and finished about 6:30 PM, so it was a 12-hour day. That was not a coincidence, as that's how much daylight we have at the moment.

At one point I happened to run by a budget sports store, decided to go in for a little shopping, and ended up carrying lots of stuff in my backpack.  

I felt good all the way because I stopped to eat and drink something whenever I had a chance to do so. At one point, when I was running in the middle of nowhere and getting slightly dehydrated, I found a little cafe where I drank a nice bottle of San Benedetto The Verde. That really saved me as I didn't carry any water.

It was a bit cloudy and cool, but all in all a great day. 12 ultramarathons done, 40 to go.

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