Monday, April 14, 2008

Goggins smashes McNaughton Park 150

David Goggins (age 33) won 2008 McNaughton Park Trail Runs 150-mile race last weekend. His time was 33:36, which translates into average pace of 13:27/mile. That's a great improvement over his 2007 performance, when he placed second in 40:26. 

Ryan Dexter finished second in 36:33. Last year he came in third with 40:40, so he should also feel relatively happy with the results, although Goggins beat him almost by three hours.

Paul Stofko was third with 37:15. His 2007 winning time 35:22 was much better, but even that would not have been enough for a victory this year.

Charlotte Vasarhelyi was first woman in 46:21.

MPTR course consists of a ten-mile loop. There were three race distances: 50, 100 and 150 miles. Complete results can be found here.

The video of the top 150 guys walking in the park above is by Brian Gaines, check out his excellent 50-mile race report.

It will be interesting to see if Goggins can also make an equally dramatic improvement in Badwater in July. Last year he was third there, and the year before that fifth. Go David go!  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about my report. Paleo runner, hmmm, you a Paleontologist or something. I was a Geology major but made nothing of it. Just curious. Thanks again, was a very challenging day.

I posted a link to this entry from my report.


Paleo Runner said...

Thanks for the comment and link Brian.

In my case 'paleo' refers mainly to paleolithic diet, and possibly training and thinking as well. I'm not a paleontologist, I'm just interested in stone age kind of simplicity. Like Kenny Souza used to say, "it ain't brain surgery".