Thursday, April 10, 2008

The return of the Trail Tarzan

An exceptionally well-written article about ultra trail running appeared today in Denver Westword News: Ultrarunning gets younger - and faster. The article is mainly about 24-year-old Anton Krupicka, who won the American River 50 on Saturday, to qualify for the Western States 100.

Tony is well known for running maximal mileage with minimal gear. No drinking system, no food, no shirt, no socks, no cap, no backpack, no phone, no camera, no sunglasses, and definitely no iPod - you'll get the idea. 

He does wear shorts as well as running shoes - well most of the time, kind of. You see, 'Trail Tarzan' (Running Times called him Tarzan of the plains) races with New Balance Men's 790, but because they are obviously way too heavy, he prefers to do some of his training in Five Fingers or even simply barefoot.

Speaking of training, let's take a look at his week 13/2008 running log:
  • Monday, March 24: 15+8 = 23 miles
  • Tuesday, March 25: 20+5 = 25 miles
  • Wednesday, March 26: 24+4 = 28 miles
  • Thursday, March 27: 28+5 = 33 miles
  • Friday, March 28: 11 miles
  • Saturday, March 29: 32 miles
  • Sunday, March 30: 32 miles
That's 184 miles (296 km) in one week - freakilarious! 

Somehow I'm not at all surprised to learn that Tony has been often injured in the past years. On the other hand, when he is able to race in any ultra trail competition he chooses, he is likely to win it. So I bet Trail Tarzan will be the king of WS100 on June 28 - if he will be able to start.  

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