Saturday, May 24, 2008

Salomon XT Wings - seven weeks later

Seven weeks ago I posted a review of my new Salomon XT Wings trail running shoes. Let's take another look at them now, after I've run 928K (577 miles) with them.

The red rubber in the back heel part of the shoe is pretty much done. If this keeps up there will soon be nothing left. The front part of the shoe is still ok though.   

These special laces do not seem to be very durable, do they? They just snapped under pressure, I didn't hit them with a sharp rock or anything like that. That's not a nice thing to happen, especially when you are out there running. By the way they promised to get me a new set of laces for free next week.

After doing some shopping around, I bought a new pair of wings, because they are widely available for a reasonable price. I only changed colors from red to grey. I thought that reflects my transition of feelings about these shoes quite well.  

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