Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Self-supported 50+K

The weather was once again fantastic today. The nice thing about living so far up north is that it rarely gets too warm for running here, not even on summer days like this when the sun is shining over 18 hours a day. The temperature felt just right for me: 14-17 degrees C (around 60F), with a nice cool breeze going on all day long.

I ran 52.3K (32.5 miles) in 6:12. The heel of my left foot is still a little sore, so I tried to land more on the forefoot than the heel. That seemed to help.

So this was my self-supported ultramarathon of week 22. As you may know it's my goal to run one ultramarathon (beyond 42.2K) each week, at least until the end of this year. So far so good.   

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