Sunday, May 18, 2008

World's simplest quinoa recipes

Quinoa is an ancient South-American seed that more and more athletes and other health-conscious people seem to be interested in eating nowadays. The reason for this is that quinoa contains a well-balanced set of amino acids and minerals. Quinoa is also gluten and cholesterol free. 

Cooking quinoa is easy peasy: take one part quinoa, rinse it and bring to boil with two parts of water (or vegetable stock). Simply let it simmer with lid on until all liquid is absorbed and it's ready.

I buy Biofair or some other brand of organic fair trade quinoa.  

Quinoa Breakfast

Quinoa Salad
  • quinoa
  • tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • chevre or mozzarella or parmesan
  • lettuce (Romaine etc.)
  • grapes or apple or other fruit
  • fresh herbs (parsley, mint, basil, etc.)
  • lime or lemon juice
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • walnuts or some other suitable nuts 
  • red onion and garlic (only if you really like them)
  • salt and pepper
You may add or replace ingredients as you wish - this is just an example. Bon appetit!


Anonymous said...

It really suits my appetite , im sure my family would love this recipe too. If you have another recipe of Quinoa salad please post it,thanks !

Jakuko said...

Thanks! Quinoa has a mild pleasant taste that goes with almost anything really well. Mix it with anything you like into a salad and it will probably be fantastic.