Friday, May 9, 2008

Zen and the art of podcasting

If you're a middle of the pack Ironman triathlete looking for podcasts by crazy people who succesfully juggle family, work, friends, training and racing with a grin on their face, then Zen and the Art of Triathlon is definitely the show for you. I think everyone - also non-triathletes - should check it out. 

Another great podcast is the new show called Trails and Tribulations. It focuses specifically on ultra trail running. Thank you Kim and Andrew for your awesome contributions so far!

If you still crave for more, then you might want take the Jetpack Show into consideration. He seems to be the Lance Armstrong of agegroup triathlon: a testicular cancer survivor who started training after his miraculous recovery and finished an Ironman. It's a funny show, although it often sucks big time. Kim expresses it very well in the beginning of Jetpacks latest episode, Anti-Show of Suck:  "Hey there everybody, this is Kimber from the Trails and Tribulations podcast, and you are listening to the Jetpack Show - and I'm really sorry."  


Texafornia said...

this is Texafornia from Zen and the Art of Triathlon. I've never seen somebody so accurately describe those 3 podcasts. The Jetpack show sucks in such spectacular fashion, you can't NOT listen.

Paleo Runner said...

Right on, dude! Thanks for the compliment.

Maybe this bunch of three shows could be taken as a triathlon, you know? I mean for sure it can be a grueling experience, but you just have to dig deep and finish all three disciplines - and then you feel so happy for the achievement.

I'm just kidding. Please keep on podcasting, I probably couldn't do my long runs without them.