Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six Frames for information

No one in their right mind would dream of qualifying for Ironman Hawaii triathlon without learning some open water swimming techniques first.

Yet many intelligent people plunge into the depths of the Information Ocean without giving much thought for any thinking techniques at all.

It has never been easier to obtain information. However information and intelligence (anymore than nutrition and fitness in sports) alone will not guarantee results - some basic skills are also required. 

In his new book Six Frames For Thinking About Information, Edward de Bono shows us how to direct our attention in a conscious manner to get the most out of the masses of information around us.

The Six Frames are:
  • triangle (purpose)
  • circle (accuracy)
  • square (point of view)
  • heart (interest)
  • diamond (value)
  • slab (outcome).
Today it's not possible to live without information. Would you rather sink or swim? 

The Six Frames should be regarded as an essential 'firmware upgrade' for your brain. 

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