Monday, September 15, 2008

Ö Till Ö - the hardest Swedish race in the world?

The Swedes say that Ö Till Ö (Island To Island) could well be the hardest one day endurance race in the world. 

The truth is, it's only about 10K swim, 17K bike and 33K run - no big deal.

Read Jonas Colting's race report and judge yourself.

The video below is from last year's race.


jeppe said...

Whether it´s the hardest race or not doesent really mather. It´s almost impossible to compare different races anyhow.
But thruout the years many "armchair athlets" have had opinions about this race. Some have tryed and on the way changed there opinion from "no big deal" to "pretty big deal". Most of them didn´t get to the finishline. But the big problem with thees experts is that they usually don´t get to the startingline.
So til next yaer I hope to see you there.
Best regards
team Utö

Paleo Runner said...

Thanks for commenting Jesper, actually I agree with you.

Sorry if I seemed to be messing with you guys, but the race website states "The question is, is this the hardest one day race in the world!" - I just found that slightly amusing, that's all.

I respect all of you tough finishers. I admire the originality of the race concept. But I don't think you will see me at the starting line next year - I'm not that crazy!