Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dean Karnazes attempts 48h treadmill world record

Dean Karnazes is attempting to break the 48-hour treadmill world record. 

You can watch him run on the Live with Regis and Kelly webcast. They are featuring several Guinness World Record breaking candidates this week, like a dude blowing balloons and another guy holding his breath. That's quite ok, as they all require a good set of lungs.

As dedicated fans like me will recall, Karno fell short of setting a new 24-hour treadmill record in June last year. He was running live on a webcast at Times Square in New York, and later admitted it was a bad idea. I guess ultrarunners never learn, huh?

If you are in New York, you should be able to see him in the ABC Studio window at 7 Lincoln Square (on the corner of Columbus and 67th Street). 


Billy said...

they repeatedly said he's shooting for 241 miles, but it seems that the record is 251.

Paleo Runner said...

Yes I believe the record is 405 kilometers (251 miles). It won't be easy to break it.