Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why Brooks Racer ST 3 has become my fav shoe

Brooks Racer ST 3 racing flats have become my favourite shoes. Although they may be meant for racing, I'm using them in my daily training for all purposes. 

I bough my first pair in June, and now I've got another pair already. The first ones are still good for running for a few more weeks, but I wanted to make sure I have a new pair available whenever I will need them. 

Here's the story. In recent years I've been training mostly in 'motion control', 'stability' or 'trail' running shoes. About a year ago I developed a nagging injury (mostly tibial tendinitis) in my left foot. I kept on changing shoes, but they were all more or less the same type. Things have improved after starting to train with these different type of shoes. That's why I suspect the injury was caused by the stiff shoes that controlled the natural movement of my feet. 

I've noticed that my running seems to have become much more enjoyable with the ST 3's. I don't have to tape my foot for my long runs, as I don't feel the pain anymore. These relatively simple and cheap shoes seem to be the perfect choice for my feet. What's more, they are very light and fast as well.   


dingas said...

Have you heard on vibram five fingers?=)
i'm expecting mine but as far as i know is the ultimate in natural movement =)

Jakuko said...

yes I've heard nothing but good about them and taken a look or two at them at the local sport store, but it's too cold to wear them here except in summer. maybe next summer...