Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beet it

beet it
Originally uploaded by Darwin Bell

Beet is in(expensive). Beet is healthy. But ashtonishingly, I haven't ever eaten a raw one. That's going to change today, I decided. But how exactly?

Wake up, little smoothie: a beet, a carrot, a cucumber, an orange, a little piece of ginger, a cup of sprouted quinoa, a couple of handfuls of green leafy vegs, some cold water and salt flakes. My Dualit blender did the job quick and easy.

Hmm, not too sweet, but 'bitter is better' as the saying goes. This stuff sure gives tons of immediate raw energy!


Texafornia said...

hey, brett from zentriathlon here. Is quinona a grain or not? I was reading to stay away from GBP - grains, beans, potatoes.

How are things going?

Paleo Runner said...

Hey Brett, I listened to your latest podcast when I was running today. Your hummus tune rocks! Awesome show, keep up the good work.

Quinoa is not a grain, but a seed fruit that grows in clusters at the end of a stalk of an annual herb. I don't eat any grain, and it works super well for me. Try it!

Now that I've finally figured out what running shoes can keep my left foot pain-free (Brooks racer St3), I seem to have strained one of the hamstrings in my right leg. Doh!