Tuesday, October 7, 2008

River crossing in Icelandic ultramarathon

In the video below you can see Iceland's Daniel Gudmundsson crossing the final ice-cold river in the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon 2008 in great style. Daniel eventually won this tough 55K (34-mile) race in under five hours.

215 out of 236 participants were able to finish.

The race was on July 12th, but I was reminded of it now, as Icelandic Prime Minister warns the nation of bankruptcy.

Like Geir Haarde told the press conference in Reykjavik, the entire world is experiencing a major economic crisis. Haarde said "With that optimism which characterises the Icelandic people, we will emerge from these difficulties and make a new and energetic comeback". 

What wasn't mentioned, is that perhaps not all nations will be able to cross this river as calmly and confidently as Daniel Gudmundsson did.


Will said...

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Paleo Runner said...

Thanks Will...as a Blogger newbie it's great to get feedback.