Thursday, November 27, 2008

5000K of running this year and counting

My running statistics show that I passed the five thousand kilometer mark today. My total mileage since January 1st is now 5004.3 km (3,109.5 miles). 

Today is 331st day of the year, so my average running distance per day is 15.1 km (9.4 miles). 

I've never run more during a year (even if I stopped running today). I've been a marathon runner about a quarter of a century, but most of those years I've been also an Ironman triathlete, so all that biking and swimming limited my running mileage. My last Ironman was four years ago.

What's better, my leg and foot injuries don't bother me anymore. In other words, my body seems to have healed itself pretty well while I've been busy running. Well actually my left hand is still a little sore because I fell down on Monday, but that's nothing serious. 


Texafornia said...

Hey, I've got a question. Is coffee paleo? It's just bean tea...

Paleo Runner said...

Sure thing, when cavemen woke up they had their wives serve them an espresso followed by white bread, potato chips, and a cigarette of course.

Actually I've been gulping down a big bowl of caffe latte every morning for 15 years.

But wait, I quit all dairy and coffee cold turkey in September. Then I quit caffeinated tea in October and cacao (yes, chocolate) in November.

Bye bye you evil stimulants/dehydrators/toxic poisons!

Primal Runner said...

As I don't seem to get the boost from consuming coffee like I used to before going Paleo I'm finding that I have less and less desire for the beverage. I used to live for it though!

Paleo Runner said...

For those who want to keep on drinking coffee, at least do yourself a favor and get organic coffee like Valley Of The Moon that doesn't have any toxic chemicals and isn't GMO modified.

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