Sunday, November 9, 2008

Amazing sauerkraut salad

Making Sauerkraut
Originally uploaded by Andreas Duess

Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) makes it easy to design amazingly unusual and tasty salads. Ready-made sauerkraut is widely available.

You can mix it with anything you like, but the following are my favorites. I usually pick at least a couple of things from each of the six categories:

  • any veg (cucumber, carrot, spring onion...)
  • any fruit (grapes, olives, pomegranate...)
  • any sprout (lentils, mung, quinoa...)
  • any fresh herb (parsley, mint, basil...)
  • any seaweed sprinkle (nori, dulse, sea lettuce...)
  • any dressing (lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, shoyu...)
You can't go wrong, because whatever you choose the result will probably be one of the healthiest things you have ever eaten. Just remember to make sure all your ingredients are organic and you are good!

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