Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ecco Biom shoes

This is the new interesting Scandinavian running shoe concept called Biom that will be available in 2009.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy when someone comes out with a new pair of shoes that may or may not help running, just like the New Balance NBZip 1306, well I have found a flaw with the 1306. If you wear them for long runs and you push 30 miles a week then you end up have a soar foot on top, like it restricting your foot, I dont know. I still wear them I just needed to take a little break, One or two day recovery. If you need a guinea pig to test out your shoe, Im your guy..I will try any shoe out. I have worn many types of shoes for running ie. Nike, Reebok, Pearl Izumi, Addidas, and New Balance. To which I have stuck with New Balance for about five years now they seem to be the only one to work for me. I have a wide foot @ a size 10 U.S. I have a toe, heel run, where my toe hits first then my heel. Any way if you need a guinea pig, Im your man.

Anonymous said...

I am a Avid runner and hiker, i'd like to try these shoes they look super comfortable. one thing i would like to see is a high arch support along with these shoes. I want shoes that contour to my foot almost like a sock, becuase ive got those crazy native american arches that are almost higher than my knees. I would also volunteer as a guinea pig for womens shoes.

David said...

For anyone loking to test BIOM, please contact your local premiere running specialty store. We are now represented in more than 50 preiere stores across the country.

We also attend race expo and will be at the Chicago Marathon Expo this week. Come to the ECCO BIOM booth and we will BIOMize you!

Happy Running......David