Sunday, November 23, 2008

The first Finnish Antarctic solo expedition in trouble

The Finnish South Pole Solo Expedition seems to be in trouble. According to his diary, Mr Teemu Lakkasuo has:
  • lost his jacket,
  • caught a flu with fever, and
  • hurt his leg.
He is probably not in the greatest of moods in his little tent, but I'm sure he'll get over this - after all we Finnish people don't know how to give up, do we?

Anyway Teemu's doctor has ordered a 24-hour rest to give him a chance to recover a little. Let's hope him all the best.

I just came in from a little run. There is a huge snowstorm over Finland right now, but I didn't feel like complaining, especially when I thought about what Teemu must be going through.

Lahja Elämälle is a Finnish organ donation promotion programme that is a partner of the Antarctic expedition. Please support similar programs in your home country.