Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marathon inspiration by Rush

This is the song Marathon by the extremely successful Canadian trio called Rush - one of the most enduring rock bands ever. This video is from their Show of Hands tour 20 years ago.

I have listened to it for inspiration before almost every marathon, except my first one in August 1985. The only reason for that is that the album Power Windows was released a couple of months later in October 1985.

Ok, without further ado let's sing all together now:
(music by Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson, lyrics by Neal Peart)
It's not how fast you can go
The force goes into the flow
If you pick up the beat
You can forget about the heat
More than just survival
More than just a flash
More than just a dotted line
More than just a dash

It's a test of ultimate will
The heartbreak climb uphill
Got to pick up the pace
If you want to stay in the race
More than blind ambition
More than simple greed
More than a finish line
Must feed this burning need
In the long run...

From first to last
The peak is never passed
Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes
One moment's high, and glory rolls on by
Like a streak of lightning
That flashes and fades in the summer sky

Your meters may overload
You can rest at the side of the road
You can miss a stride
But nobody gets a free ride

More than high performance
More than just a spark
More than just the bottom line
Or a lucky shot in the dark
In the long run...


You can do a lot in a lifetime
If you don't burn out too fast
You can make the most of the distance
First you need endurance
First you've got to last...

Although Rush didn't play this song on their latest tour, the new Snakes And Arrows Live 3DVD is awesome.

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