Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DaneGer Zone: 52 weekends, 52 marathons!

Dane is a guy who ran 52 marathon races in 52 weekends in 2008 - and raised $52,000 for charity. 

I just learned from this incredible feat while listening to a recent The Competitors Radio Show podcast featuring Dane

Check out his blog DaneGer Zone


Peter Lubbers said...

Ha, 52 marathons sounds like a piece of cake compared to 52 ULTRA marathons that a certain Finnish runner ran in '08 ;-)

Jakuko said...

Ha ha thanks Peter you're right, he admitted in the interview that the actual running was relatively easy, but TRAVELLING to those 52 races during weekends was hard. Also he organized one race himself, raised money and wrote a book.

I just mostly jogged around my home as I wished. Relying on my wireless foot pod distance measurement I was able to choose the timing and route freely. I did only three races, and slowly too. Dane ran pretty fast marathons.