Saturday, January 3, 2009

From marathon hamster to Mr Relax

This is me in 2008: a marathon hamster. I set a goal of running more than a marathon once a week and I did it.

This is me in 2009: Mr. Relax. That doesn't mean a couch potato though. I'm going to hang on to the new lean me by running daily. I'll also do a yoga type thing daily.


Peter Lubbers said...

Congrats on finishing all 52 ultras! That's a great accomplishment.
Seems like a good time to relax a bit and then continue on, farther and faster!
Happy New Year!

Jakuko said...

Thanks for encouragement Peter. My humble home-based training efforts are nothing much really compared to what you have accomplished in 2008 races. But you are right in saying this is a good time to relax, as it is a bit too cold outside. Happy New Year to you too!