Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dawn running on Crete

When I visited North-Western Crete recently I ran 10-30 km every morning. I like to get up early.

I usually got out to the beach about 30-60 minutes before the sunrise, so I wouldn't need to take my headlight or torch. Just a little bottle of water and an energy bar would do.

I try to run as near to the water as possible, with or without shoes.

I often ran all the way to the town of Chania and back just to have a cup of good coffee (hint: there's a Starbucks at the Old Port).


Andreas said...

If you are here this year in May, join us at the First Psiloritis Race (trail/mountain). Info at:

Jakuko said...

Thanks for the information. Looks like a cool race. Good luck!