Sunday, May 17, 2009

Simp my shoe: Asics Gel DS Racer

Asics Gel DS RACER
Originally uploaded by jo@flickr

I simped my Asics Gel DS Racers by cutting off 80% of the heels and taking the insoles out.

The weight of a shoe was reduced from 219 g (size EU 43.5, US 9.5) to 180 g. So they are 18% lighter, but that's not the main reason for doing this.

My purpose was to improve my running technique and strengthen the leg muscles. I believe this will improve my racing and prevent injuries.

A short 6K test run today proved my new simped shoes usable both on roads and forest trails. So far so good.


Jorge said...

ASICS brand has really good tennis, I do use this mark to train and compete.

Good luck at the races.

Get a hug out of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil),


Jakuko said...

Yes Asics is one of the best brands out there, with Brooks, Adidas and so on. Especially if you are a heel striker, like I used to be. My best marathon time happened when I used Puma racing flats though, go figure.

Thanks Jorge, you seem to have a cool blog, too bad I don't really understand Portuguese. Good luck for the races!