Saturday, June 20, 2009

My favorite 4 running shoes

Most runners need different shoes for different circumstances or purposes. Here's my current selection of four shoes. They don't sponsor me (although I wouldn't mind), so these are my honest choices.

For marathon or ultra running I use Brooks Racer ST 3 (the latest model is 4). Can be used on any road and maybe on some easier trails as well.

A slightly lighter and narrower racing flat for track intervals and all fast road running up to marathons: Adidas Adizero Adios.

When I want to run semi-barefoot to strengthen my feet, and also when I walk or jog in a city (shopping etc) Feelmax Niesa is my choice. It's generally good for all traveling also.

Finally for challenging trail running I use the North Face Rucky Chucky. Yes they are a bit heavier, but in extreme conditions safety is more important than speed.


Jay said...

I'm really interested in the Feelmax Niesas. How are they in terms of water-resistance?

Jakuko said...

We had some rainstorms earlier this month and Niesas were fine. My socks remained comfortably dry, although I ran through puddles on roads and wet grass.

I try to keep a high leg turnover though, around 90 steps/min for each foot. I didn't stand there and wait to get wet.

Keprotec soles are 100% water (and whatever-) proof, but I guess some water can leak in through the sides theoretically.

I've yet to run through a stream with them - I bet they'd get soaking wet. But they are not worse than other shoes in that respect.

Overall I'd say it was a positive surprise how well they have performed. I've put them through some rough terrain with sharp stones and asphalt with broken glass - no signs of wear or tear after one month of testing.

Just make sure you buy the new Niesa model with Keprotec space-tech sole. I noticed they are still selling the older models which are not waterproof nor durable. Some salespersons might offer you big discounts on older Feelmaxes (especially if they don't have Niesa yet). Don't listen to them, they're talking out of their asses!

Jack said...

I love to wear branded and high quality of running shoes!! I have my comfortable pair!!