Thursday, July 16, 2009

Meripäiväjuoksu 15K

Event: 7th (my 1st) Meripäiväjuoksu 15K, one of the annual Sea Festival events in Kotka.

Number of runners: 310.

Course: beautiful course by the sea, around the Keisarinlahti (Czar's Bay), 90% asphalt, a few small hills, start/finish at the Katariina sports field in the center of the town.

Weather: sunny and warm.

My goal: to finish under one hour, no matter what it takes.

My result: 1.00.46 - everything went fine, except those damn 46 seconds!

Anyway, an excellent race, and a cool post-race recovery swim at the nearby Strawberry Beach.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paleo,

Any chance you wouldn't mind hoooking up another runner on the other side of the pond with a pair of feelmax Niesa's?!?! They are starving us of the good shoe here in the US!:-(

Jakuko said...

no worries mate, i believe u can now order Feelmax Niesa from

BTW they also have the old Panka model with the new Keprotec outsole (with proper shoelaces, Niesa has velcro only, so they fit kind of loose) - and Panka seems to be priced ten bucks cheaper too (wonder why)!

No matter what model you choose, as long as you get that one mm thin Keprotec outsole you should be ok. I've been running on asphalt and whatever with my Niesas for seven weeks now, trying my best to break them, but they are still almost (managed to tear a little hole in the heel area) like new!