Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swiss Alpine K78 video awards 2009

Reiner has produced the winner here while finishing the race succesfully. A high quality video from the heights of Swiss Alpine K78 in Davos 2009.

By the way, check out the dude with big cow bell in Spina (1:49) - he's there every year, and cracks me up every time!

The following video by Artur has captured my wunderschön climbing speed (6:51). It's real TV - no slow motion effects used while filming.

What I don't get is how he managed to shoot all this, running up and down the Alps while laughing like it's no big deal, and still beat me to the finish line by over four minutes.

Technical quality sucks a bit, but thanks for an interesting 2nd best video.

Our third place video lacks visual for the first 90 seconds, but the constant German narration is there.

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