Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Climbing skyscrapers with iPod nano 5G

While putting one foot in front of the other as usual, I've been able to climb skyscrapers at Nike+ Active website.

Virtual challenges like that are fairly easy to set up with the pedometer (and possibly other additional Nike+ fitness features) in the new iPod nano.

So I replaced my 21-month-old 3G iPod nano with 5G. The old one is still working perfectly well, so why would anyone want to spend their hard-earned cash on this kind of knick-knackery?

Actually it's a pretty good deal if you consider what you get with the upgrade:
  • videocam (with 15 silly effects like the Kaleido in my test video below - cool!)
  • pedometer (and other features with Nike+ Active if you like)
  • stopwatch (I often find this one convenient to use for sprints etc)
  • FM radio (with Tagged Songs, Live Pause, etc)
  • 16 Gb flash drive (my 3G iPod has 8 Gb only)
  • improved interface (with Genius, VoiceOver, etc)
  • much lighter weight (36.4 g)
  • slightly larger 2.2-inch display
  • recyclable with greener materials (PVC/BFR/Mercury free with arsenic-free glass).

Some people may wonder why not get a iPhone instead, which has all of this and more? For one thing, iPhone is much larger and 3.7 times heavier (135 grams). iPod's battery also tends to last much longer than iPhone's.

Then there are costs to consider. iPhones are very expensive. However, iPod prices are really competitive. For example, I paid 179 euros for this 16Gb model (8 Gb model is 149 only), with free shipping, engraving and support for (PRODUCT) RED (only available from Apple Store).

While waiting for the Nike heart rate monitor for nano, I'd rate the new iPod 5G 9/10. The only thing I miss is a still camera, but you can't have everything in a supercompact size.


Peter Lubbers said...

Wow, that definitely looks like it is worth the upgrade!

Jakuko said...

Yeah the new nano could easily be the gadget of the year. I forgot to mention that they have also added a speaker - that's a useful feature, for example when playing games or watching videos without headphones.