Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brooks Green Silence racing flats for speed & simplicity

It's way too cold and snowy outside to run seriously fast, but that won't stop me from buying new hot racing flats.

Brooks Green Silence will replace my current Adidas Adizero Adios flats for the following reasons:
  • simpler design (about half as many components as in average racing flats)
  • light weight (my GS size US 10.5 and my Adios size US 11 both weigh the same, ie. 225 grams)
  • lower arch height (suits my feet better)
  • thinner sole (GS heel/midfoot 18 and forefoot 10 mm vs Adios heel/midfoot 22 mm and forefoot 11 mm)
  • lower heel-to-toe drop (8 vs 11 mm)
  • asymmetric vamp & lacing system with a wrap-over tongue
  • the only seriously green & fast running shoe (75% recycled shoe materials; 100% recycled laces, gillies, webbing and packaging; biodegradable midsole and collar foams; 38% less solvent in water-based glues; non-toxic colors, etc.)

Green Silence also seems to provide a tempting alternative to Brooks Racer ST, my old (ultra)marathon favorite. However it remains to be seen if GS can provide enough protection and support for longer distances.

I guess it depends on how well I can execute my two main goals for 2010:
  1. weight down, and
  2. cadence up.

"Silent steps to a greener future..." Sure thing, but the hot colors seem to scream for attention. The bold asymmetric design is a winner in my book, although it might scare traditionally minded folks.

With appropriate laces this might even be suitable for triathletes. I could certainly imagine running without socks in these in summer, whenever 100% barefoot is not an option (ie. most of the time for those who live in the city).

A more thorough review will follow after some serious training and racing this spring. Meanwhile, here's a video by The Running Couple.

Plus another review, if you'd like a second opinion :-)


Unknown said...

Thanks for linking to my review - it's a great shoe!

The Running Couple (Lee) said...

Thanks for posting my video review! I will post something more detailed after I log a few more miles. So far...I love them!

Jakuko said...

You're welcome! I think my usual size US 10.5 is too large for me though. Maybe GS is one of those shoes that require a smaller size to fit well.