Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Fruitarian runs marathon PR in Boston

Arguably the world's leading (even Dean 'Ultramarathon Man' Karnazes blogged about him in awe after Napa Valley Marathon) LFRV (low fat raw vegan) ultramarathon runner Michael Arnstein, aka The Fruitarian, ran a marathon PR 2:28:29 at Boston Marathon.

Before Monday his best marathon time was 2:30:59 from 2009 Palm Beach Marathon. Going under 2:30 has been the dream of this crazy New York fruit dude for a long long time. His expression in the photo above, taken after the finish line, says it all.

Just looking at the split times makes me dizzy. And to think that all this energy comes mainly from fresh fruits and vegs!

Mr. Arnstein has revealed that he has been experimenting with honey as a natural simple carbohydrate (glucose + fructose) supplement during races though. Honey has obviously worked well for him as he has done really well in several marathons and ultras, while logging 160-mile training weeks.

When he recently tried to run 100K on orange juice alone, he wasn't too happy with the results (although many would have been pleased with a result like that I guess).

It will be interesting to follow how The Fruitarian succeeds in his other 2010 challenges, like the Western States 100 mile run.

Thanks for inspiration, good luck and congrats, Mike!

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Julie Groenewald said...

He is a true Fruitarian for LIFE super food hero!