Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Mizuno Precision Fit experience

Mizuno has an interactive website with graphics and videos to help you analyse your feet. Click http://www.myprecisionfit.com/ and check it out. It's free.

In just a few minutes you are lead through eight simple pages where you have to find the right answer for you. Then you'll get an analysis report and Mizuno precision fit recommendation for their shoe models.

As a bonus, if you give your email address, you'll also get a personal exercise and stretching plan.

For example, my results today showed that I:
  • have normal arched feet
  • have a neutral static leg axis
  • am a forefoot striker
  • have normal foot rotation
  • have normal flexibility in my upper ankle joint
  • have a normal dynamic leg axis.
My precision fit recommendation showed I require a neutral, performance, moderately cushioned shoe. My individual shoe recommendation was Mizuno Wave Rider 13. Also two other models were recommended as possible alternatives, but they didn't interest me that much. 

I've never run in Mizuno shoes, but I will soon, because I ordered a pair of WR13 in my size. I've heard many runners like this particular shoe. I'm curious to try them and looking forward to receiving them next week.

Well done marketing wise, Mizuno - let's hope the shoes perform well when put to a real test in (ultra)marathons!

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