Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dr Stefania Licari: low fat raw vegan ultra adventure runner

Stefania Licari, originally uploaded by organicathlete.
Stefania Licari is an Italian medical doctor specialized in anesthesia and working in London, England.

She had always been healthy and fit on the traditional mediterranean diet, but in 2006 she felt 'something wasn't right' and she turned vegetarian, then vegan, followed by raw vegan, and finally low fat raw vegan.

Her diet consists mainly of raw fruits and vegetables and some nuts occasionally. She drinks warm water or herb/fruit tea daily.

She doesn't eat any salt, supplements or 'superfoods'. She also stays away from high fat raw gourmet foods, refined sugars and oils, vinegar and spices (except a little amount of red hot chili or black pepper).

During her ultra adventure runs she increases the amount of dried fruits and nuts in her diet.

She also started to run ultra adventures like the Jungle Marathon 200K stage-race in 2007. She was able to finish with two kilos of dates per day.

In 2009 she completed a self-organized and -supported 500K two week adventure run in Morocco.

In March 2010 she finished Transahariana 190K nonstop ultramarathon in Algeria.

Her current lifestyle could be defined as 'low fat raw vegan ultra adventure runner'.

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