Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Perfect Health Diet book review

Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality and Long Life by Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet is not just another freakin' diet book to make a fast buck. This is definitely something different, a fresh approach. What's more, I think it might be beneficial - or even ideal - for endurance athletes.

There four steps they refer to in the title are:
  1. Optimize macronutrition.
  2. Eat paleo, not toxic.
  3. Be well nourished.
  4. Heal and prevent disease.
What's interesting about the diet is that although PHD is about 65% plants (by weight), it's far from being vegetarian. PHD says by all means do eat as many vegetables as you like, but also do eat fatty meats, seafood, and eggs, plus healthy oils and fats of course.

What I particularly like is that the diet is paleo-ish, but with a twist. For example fermented or fatty dairy are allowed.

What's not allowed are "the four most dangerous foods in Western diets":
  • cereal grains,
  • legumes,
  • vegetable oils, and
  • fructose sugar.
The book is not cheapest one around, but it's well worth the price. The writing is crystal clear, enjoyable to read and easy to absorb. It's too early to say whether all the promised results will eventually be there, but I do remain positively hopeful in that regard and plan to follow this program for a long time.

So without any further ado, get this gem of a book right away - or if you are not sure yet, go download their free Perfect Health Diet Color Companion (right click to download the PDF) featuring food pictures and images from the book.


doune said...

have you planned to follow such diet program ?

Jakuko said...

yeah i'm following it already.