Sunday, November 28, 2010

Record 20517 entries for Stockholm Marathon 2011

Registration for the 2011 Stockholm Marathon has been closed at 20,517 entries, which is a new record.

I'm one of the lucky participants, running for the 5th time in Stockholm. This year I was able to improve my course PR from 3:14 to 3:06, and I'm planning for this trend to continue next year.

There would be more much runners for the May 28 event, but the organisers have decided to strictly limit the number of entries in order to guarantee that everything runs smoothly. Stockholm Marathon will never become as big as London, Berlin or New York marathons, but it provides a scenic and challenging course with absolutely fantastic atmosphere.

There will be about 5200 runners from Finland alone, travelling on marathon cruise ships with marathon food, shows and expos. Many will take their family or friends with them, ensuring a great crowd support.

By the way, you can watch Swedish TV coverage of previous events here.

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