Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vegan Wars: Revenge of the Ex-Vegan

1 November seems to be World Vegan Day, which "marks the start of World Vegan Month". In my case however, it ironically marks my return to eating meat and all that goes with it, like saturated fat for example.

As a fresh ex-vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan, I thought this would be a good time to present Let Them Eat Meat's Interview with an Ex-Vegan: Denise Minger. Very interesting stuff there, in case you are not already familiar with all of that.

I'd say any free-thinking person who is capable of digesting her somewhat complex blog entries about China Study is likely to abandon vegan lifestyle sooner or later. Like they mention in the interview, Denise Minger is intellectually tap dancing all over everything T. Colin Campbell has done with the past decades of his life.

By the way, Denise Minger was also featured on Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show podcast recently. Highly recommended, although I'm afraid neither of them are into endurance sports.

Obviously true vegan troopers won't accept any of this, and in fact all references to Minger's criticism against Campbell have been recently removed from China Study's wikipedia page. That's just great, you peace-loving vegan editors there: if pseudo-scientific propaganda doesn't work, let's resort to strict censorship!

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Anonymous said...

yep. let`s all go to macdonalds and celebrate over few bigmacs!!
(and in a few months someone comes up with a different view of the data renders a different set of graphs and we all go back to broccoli))
the world is not black and white, or is it??
Quit being vegan because of Denise Minger is as stupid as going vegan because of China study.