Monday, January 3, 2011

Ryan Sandes Antarctica experience

Ryan Sandes: My Antarctica Experience in Sports Illustrated Jan 2011.

It's about winning the Last Desert race. What's more, he has now won all four races in the 4Deserts series: Gobi, Sahara, Atacama and Antarctica.

My response to "Want to know what it's like to run in knee-deep snow, freezing temperature conditions..." is: that's easy, only knee-deep huh? That would be about 50 cm, but we have currently about 70 cm, and we are going to get a lot more before this winter is done.

But I guess it would be way cooler to run in Antarctica.


damien said...

something I want to do in my life... but very expensive also :(

and you ? do you plan to run that challenge ?

Jakuko said...

No, I have no plans to run any of the 4 desert challenges. I'm only interested following other people doing them. I'd rather run 1-2 day ultra trail races than these stage races that take almost a whole week. You are right they are very expensive, especially Antarctica. If there was any chance of getting a major sponsor I might change my mind though.