Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hoka One One Bondi-B oversize running shoes

Sam Winebaum blogs about the new Hoka One One Bondi-B running shoes coming out in February 2011.

The new model will feature a similar oversize design than their current trail running shoe Mafate, but will be a little thinner and lighter.

Sam writes Karl Meltzer, who ran 2000 miles in 40 days wearing Mafates, seems to prefer Bondi-B for his future races. That's enough to get me seriously interested. Unfortunately even the Hoka website doesn't mention them yet, but I'll try to grab a pair of Bondis and try them.

In the mean time, I'll follow The Great Running Debate and see how Dan Empfield's feet will respond to Hoka One Ones.

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