Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lance races in 2.4-mile open water swim

Lance Armstrong finished third in Red Licorice 2.4-mile Open Water Swim at Lake Travis in Austin (TX) on Sunday. It's a small race, but I think his time 49:12 is pretty amazing.

His swimming seems to be at the elite Ironman triathlete level already. It sure would be interesting to see him compete in an Ironman triathlon this year.

The winner James Bonney is one of Texas' top triathletes. The second swimmer coming in just before Lance is James Cotter, a Kiwi pro-triathlete living in Austin (won Steelhead 70.3 last year).

@jamesbonney and @lancearmstrong after their 2.4 mile swim at... on Twitpic


damien said...

If he has a elite level in swimming, and considering his biking level, he will not be far away a top 10 in Hawaii.

Paleo Runner said...

If he can run 2:50-ish marathon after a fast swim and superfast bike, like Alberto Salazar said he aims to, he would not be far away from winning in Kona. But that's a pretty big if. It's not even certain yet if he will race in Kona.