Sunday, May 8, 2011

Self-supported half-ironman

Did my first ever self-supported 113 km half-ironman triathlon today. The weather was perfect but my fitness was questionable.

The purpose was to perform a long workout without stressing my injured right leg too much. It has been troubled by plantar fasciitis since the first snows fell in late November. In the spring it gradually got better, but then I pulled my hamstring while running on ice in April. It's seems to be a mild hammy strain only, but it effectively limits my top running speed. My leg hurts almost all the time, no matter what I do.

The 1900 meter swim was ok. The pool was a bit too crowded, so I took it easy: 33 mins. I didn't time any of the transitions in this training exercise. In a real triathlon race the transition times would be added to the total time of course.

I decided to do the 21.1 km half-marathon run next, and leave the 90K bike last. This was my own thing, so I changed the rules as I went on. It took 1:49, which would normally be a slow time for me. Last year my best half-marathon was 1:28. With the bad leg, it's an acceptable result I guess.

I rode the 90 km bike with my Tacx Bushido in 3:17. It's so much more convenient to ride indoors that I didn't feel like going out. If you need something to drink or eat, you can simply take a break and get it from the kitchen.

So the whole 113 km half-ironman took me 5:39, not counting the transitions and other breaks. It was a lot of fun, although not like a real race by any means. I didn't wear a heart rate monitor, but I'm sure I didn't go too hard at any point.

Now I can feel pretty confident about being able to finish Stockholm Marathon, which is three weeks away. However there is no way I can beat my last year's course PR 3:06 in this condition, so I'll just cruise through it with whatever speed feels most comfortable then.  

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