Thursday, June 9, 2011

RUN! by Dean Karnazes

RUN! is a must read for all Dean Karnazes fans. Actually I wasn't initially that interested in it, because I thought there couldn't be much new material for me. I was happy to prove myself wrong: the book provided lots of inspirational insights into Dean's life and stunts, like the infamous New York 48-hour treadmill record attempt and the 4Deserts races.

I went through the 26.2 chapters about one per day on my iPad, and I enjoyed every one of them. This is all good stuff and fun to read.

Karno has mostly compiled the book by dictating the anecdotal material while on the run. There is not a ghost writer employed per se, but many of the chapters are written by his family and friends, particularly Topher Gaylord.

This approach works pretty well for me as it provides new amusing views to the life of Ultramaraton Man. For example I've heard Dean is a busy guy who sleeps very little, but I still find it quite funny when his wife Julie simply states: "My husband does not sleep."

I'd recommend start with Dean's first book called Ultramarathon Man. If you like it, then continue with this one.  

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