Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fast times in Roth

Challenge Roth is a fast course, partly because it's shorter than the advertised 3.8K swim, 180K bike, 42.2K run.

Andreas Raelert won the men's race today with a 'world record' time of 7:41:33.

Also Chrissie Wellington performed as expected, her time 8:18:13 was the fastest in women's race. Her marathon time 2:45 was only three minutes slower than Raelert's 2:42.

Good weather and good effort in Roth, world's biggest full-distance triathlon. They have 14 start groups for the swim to avoid congestion in the narrow canal.


Hammstah said...

Having worked for the organization and having heard first-hand of the distances, it was indeed spoken internally that the distance was short back in the Luc van Lierde era. It would not surprise me if it was today the same situation.

Paleo Runner said...

Thanks for comment. I think the course is about 2% short overall. Therefore we should add maybe about 10 minutes to these "world record" finish times. They would still be phenomenal performances.

Here's a GPS of the 176.46 km Roth bike course:

And here's a GPS of the 41.26 km run course:

To be fair it should be noted that a few other fast courses (Ironman Austria for example) are short as well. So all this buzz about world records is meaningless.