Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lizzy in Zermatt

Like Matterhorn, Lizzy Hawker seems to be always there at Zermatt Marathon. I did it 3 years ago, and yes I did see her there at the start. By the time I finished in 6 hours, she was probably already back home.

This year there was also an Ultra option all the way to the top of Gornergrat (3,090 m). I bet that would have been fun to run, but I couldn't recover from TVSB within a week.

Anyway, Lizzy just tweeted:
"after morning training my feet took me high up on a lonely mountain ridge .... solitude, time to reflect, look forward and absorb ...that precious feeling of stillness will carry me through the next days & to the start line of UTMB2011 ...."
Cool. I think no matter how the race goes, she's already a winner.

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