Friday, August 19, 2011

MountainMan Ultra Flyover

I'm going to run MountainMan 80.5 km (50 miles) Ultra course on Saturday. There's a 15 hour time limit and three strict cutoffs along the way. It's a 5K cumulative climb (16,404 ft), so there won't be any time to waste.

You can download the KMZ-file for Google Earth from this page (scroll down). If you hit the play button there, it takes about 49 minutes to go through at normal speed. I fast-forwarded the whole thing 4x in 12 mins while recording with Quicktime. Then I speeded it up another 400% in iMovie to almost 3 mins.

The race was organized for the first time last year. They ran the course the other way then. They figured it would be better to run it this way. We'll see. The weather forecast seems typical, very warm and humid, with probably a cooling thunderstorm in the afternoon. In any case, the final climb to Mt. Pilatus at the end will be challenging.

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