Friday, August 26, 2011

PTL 2011

UTMB will start today, but actually it already started on Monday! They have this little known non-competitive 300 km Bohemian version of the race called Petite Trotte á León.

PTL can be done in teams of two runners only. Basically they just give you the GPS coordinates on Monday and send them off. They can do whatever they like during the week, as long as they go through the control points and finish in 138 hours.

The straightest way will require some steep hard-core climbing, so this event is certainly not for the vertigo-heads like me. There's a team from Finland, but only they know where they are and how they are doing at the moment. I'm sure they will finish in good spirits though, as I met them in Switzerland this summer and they seem like extremely tough guys.


soulrunner62 said...

hy the friendly finnish man. thanks to spek about me so respectuly. I realy enjoied to met yo an the trasil. i'm still sad to must have quit becouse of the cutoff anyway one of the best sthin on trailrunning ist that thing: i meet people like me, dreaming, loving nature an willing to experience it.
we met for a short time but you went into my heard wenn you told me you never could train in mountains and you come to swizzerland to this race ant risque to dnf.
my questien is always wen i am in deep deep weeknes an trails: Hey man it?s still fun???? thats alway reminding me wy for i am doing this. hoping to meet you again one day
all the best

Paleo Runner said...

Hi Guido. Yes very sad, because just an hour more time and we'd have finished. Otherwise what a great day it was in the Alps, I don't regret participating for a moment. I won't try MM again though. Good luck for trailDM on September 18 - too bad I don't have time for that, as with the 2AM start even a flatlander like me could finish. I'm already thinking about TVSB 2012. Third time's a charm!